How rough and ready are we?

  • Being polished:
    • Why? Look more professional, inviting to e.g. journalists, policy-makers, being an authoritative voice
    • Cons: slows thing down (a lot), makes it harder for community to contribute
  • Being more rough
    • Eases contribution
    • Have stuff public early is good (and pushes us to complete it - when you don't publish you can keep polishing forever)

Are there ways we can have both? e.g. allow contribution but flag articles which are finished & polished vs those which are draft still

Ans: publish early, publish often and accept being "rougher" though flagging what is polished and not.

  • We want community contribution and that both necessitates some "rough and ready" material and that form encourages contribution
  • Getting stuff out encourages us to polish and improve it
  • The world is more open to "open source" approach - "not wearing a tie is ok"
  • We can flag material as "polished" and "draft"