Continuous Organizations

Current securities laws impose constraints on selling and distributing securities and we want to remove those

Unfortunately, today's organizations have no simple and efficient way to strongly align the interests of their workforce of users with the financial success of their organization. This is mostly due to today's securities' laws that impose constraints and frictions when it comes to selling and distributing securities, especially to non-accredited investors.

To solve this issue, we propose a new paradigm: the Continuous Organization (CO), a new type of organization designed to align the stakeholders' interests significantly better than in traditional organizations. A Continuous Organization is any kind of organization that set up a Continuous Securities Offering (CSO) by funneling part or all of its realized revenues to a Decentralized Autonomous Trust (DAT). A DAT is a smart-contract with the ability to automatically issues, buy back and cancel fully digital securities called FAIR Securities (FAIRs) to meet market demand using predefined rules.