Bold claims are made

But how do we, as a collective, decide how those resources should be allocated?¬†Conviction Voting offers a novel decision making process that funds proposals based on the aggregated preference of community members,¬†expressed continuously.¬†In other words,¬†voters are always asserting their preference for which proposals they would like to see approved, rather than casting votes in a single time-boxed session. A member can change their preference at any time, but the longer they keep their preference for the same proposal, the ‚Äústronger‚ÄĚ their conviction gets. This added conviction gives long standing community members with consistent preferences more influence than short term participants merely trying to influence a vote.¬†Conviction Voting sidesteps¬†sybil attacks, provides collusion resistance, and mitigates many of the attack vectors of time-boxed voting mechanisms.

Background white paper: