Diatom is a decentralized currency that grows more valuable as our ocean is measurably restored and protected. Members of the DAO vote on projects that restore ocean health and expand our buying power to do so.


This is where they explain the model: https://medium.com/@diatomdao/plastic-reduction-credits-prc-whitepaper-pt-3-3-26f6bde1ad34

![[Pasted image 20220117221812.png]]

So ... imagine this was simply a company

  • It sells share to investors ...
  • It uses the money to fund removal projects
  • It accumulates plastic removal credits (PRCs) which are proof of plastic removal
  • It sells those to companies or others who want to see plastic removed who retire them

Why does it need to be on blockchain? Other than this is a place you can (currently) raise (incredible amounts of) money from investors (in an unregulated way) ...

Note that in their follow on "How It Works" the financial aspects come first ...

![[Pasted image 20220117222844.png]]

Who is backing it?

Looks like this back by Brock Pierce (though not absolutely certain).