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0:32 into the intro video:

[Climate crisis, financial system that does not prioritize rights things etc] ... Seeds offers a solution, a movement that allows us to share financial success, distribute value fairly and move towards a common vision of a thriving civilization. Seeds gives humanity the tools to reimagine what money can be and do. A financial ecosystem designed to regenerate our planet. ... a more equal and abundant world ... using cutting edge technology ... no costs to using it and in fact you use it the more value you create ...


Aspiration sounds amazing (as often)

Here's the detailed PDF with their tokenomics (GDoc version:

Still struggling to understand how they guarantee distributing value fairly etc. Have scanned entire doc and most of it is about the initial token distribution etc (where so far they have raised around $1.2m)

Key other doc is the SEEDS Guide: - this is the full "rules of the game". It is a 175 pages long!

Key questions

  • Why are seeds worth anything? What can you use them for? (how do you earn them)
  • Why are they trading on exchanges if it is an internal currency?
  • Why does the top of their site advertise the price appreciation (see screenshot) if that is not the key point?
  • How do they ensure a more equitable economy going forward?
    • How does it ... (quotes from p.15 of SEEDS Guide)
    • SEEDS provides a decentralised (actually by-the-people) alternative to centralised governments.

    • SEEDS provides a decentralised (actually by-the-people) alternative to centralised banking.

Key info

  • 3k participants as of Mar 2021 / 5k as of May 2021 according to gdoc / pdf
  • Currently trading at 7c which is down

Built on Telos

In contrast, SEEDS is a DApp (decentralized application) built on top of the Telos blockchain, which has its own Block Producers. Because SEEDS doesn’t have its own blockchain, it doesn’t experience this constant sell pressure.

Go Live Event ...

SEEDS is unique because it doesn’t allow those who have earned tokens by being part of the build team to sell their tokens until after the ‘Go Live’ event. Due to the nature of the Go Live event, at this point, there will be a global economy of organisations willing to accept Seeds as a currency (or the network wouldn’t “Go Live”). So, profits can be realized by making purchases using the Seeds currency itself, rather than requiring exchange (sale) for another financial tool to facilitate their purchase.

Definition of Go Live event

This event will be triggered by a SEEDS community vote and is not anticipated until late 2021 or into 2022. Hypha does not know when this event will take place. This is the moment where development of SEEDS is feature-complete (in line with the Constitution and Game Guide), the community and economy is thriving, and everything is ready for the members to take full control of the ecosystem and start the economic protocols designed to stabilize the value of each Seed. Go Live will require a series of targets to have been reached, including but not limited to: 1. SEEDS contracts passing robust economic and security audits and tests; 2. fully operational decentralized governance over every aspect of SEEDS; 3. N number of organisational allies; 4. N number of Residents and Citizens; 5. N number of regions represented; 6. N monthly Organisation and Member growth rate; 7. a USD to Seeds price floor of at least $0.80 per Seed; 8. N daily volume (liquidity) for Seeds across all exchanges. These targets “N” will be defined and ratified by the SEEDS Citizens before Hypha’s final milestone (Q3/Q4 2021) through decentralized governance. Once these targets are reached, the Citizens can activate ‘Go Live’ through a vote.

How to ensure fairness (??)

Before ‘Go Live’, the majority of Seeds will be given to people participating in a variety of campaigns and actions to create a more beautiful society. These members may capture the benefit of rising token value as the network matures.

Then, after ‘Go Live’, Seeds will be distributed in a more equitable way than any previous or current financial system, one that is directed towards financing and incentivizing the regeneration of our planet.

And they then reference another location

Note: These protocols are discussed further in the SEEDS White Deck, part 3 and 4 of the SEEDS Game Guide and favored article: A regenerative financial system for a thriving global civilization

Who's behind it?

Hypha: A Decentralized Holonic/Human Organisation (DHO) helping build SEEDS.


Hypha may sell up to a total of 5% of the initial Seeds supply. The reason for this small distribution is to ensure the majority of tokens are earned by, and gifted to, those who are healing our planet and communities. Hypha (the organisation helping build SEEDS) does not own SEEDS. Hypha does not own the initial supply of Seeds tokens. It is the Citizens of SEEDS who are in control of how, if, and when these Seeds are distributed. For each milestone, if the SEEDS Citizens agree that Hypha has reached the stated targets, it can release the next round of tokens for Hypha to sell, and so finance Hypha’s continued involvement in the SEEDS project.


Hypha as a young company depends on generating adequate funding for the development and expansion of the business. Should Hypha not be successful in generating adequate funding, e.g. in the event of failure of receiving more tokens from SEEDS or direct investment, there is a risk that Hypha cannot develop and expand its business operations as planned and as the case may be has to wholly or partly cease its business operations or even declare itself insolvent. Such a development could have a lasting negative effect on the usability or intrinsic value of the SEEDS Token until they become useless or worthless. However, with SEEDS being a publicly available network - the community has the ability to continue developing SEEDS without the need for Hypha.