Regen Network

Ecological assets for the ReFi economy

Regen Network’s infrastructure originates digital carbon assets in the Interchain economy, unlocking web3 regenerative finance.


A lot of amazing talk about climate crisis etc e.g. from the front page

DeFi for Earth

Infrastructure for the climate crisis

Interesting to see the elision between creating a market and actually doing the thing the market supports and claiming those latter benefits e.g. "Regen Network incentivizes regenerative land use practices". Strictly it creates (maybe) a more efficient market in carbon credits and it is the people who buy those credits who actually incentivize those better land use practices. It was as if the NYSE or the Nasdaq claimed all the benefits created by companies who raised equity through their platform. Of course, markets are a key part of financial capitalism but they are a facilitation. It is also not really clear how Regen is uniquely or specially responsible for better carbon markets -- they already exist and large institutional players are there and/or would enter.

All very similar to in the claims and arguments.

I also suspect there is the classic elision between a database (easy) and reliable recording into that database (hard). This is the classic (fallacious) argument for DLTs and supply chain traceability. The problem with tracking carbon credits isn't about having a common central database (even if control is decentralized on the blockchain). Rather, it is the hard word of establishing and verifying what carbon actually was removed by whom, when.