Our webinar series addresses the most significant, policy-relevant issues around web3 and blockchain. They provide an objective overview of the information needed for decision making in key sectors, outlining the considerations and strategies required to respond effectively.

The webinars will be invite only unless otherwise specified, but we will be posting content covering the topics covered to the site. Each will involve an expert panel discussion followed by a significant period of Q&A and participant led conversation, to ensure pressing questions are addressed. All webinars will be conducted under Chatham House Rules.

The full list of webinars can be found below:


Responsible Innovation: Cryptocurrency and the Regulatory Permimiter


This invite-only webinar for leaders in technology, policy and finance to explore how financial regulation might be applied to cryptocurrencies to safeguard users without stifling innovation. It will also outline different paths to achieving the aspirations for a more stable and inclusive financial system which are spoken to by portions of the cryptocurrency movement.

The webinar will explain a number of decision relevant concepts and outline illustrative case studies, before turning to a discussion of how we might understand responsible innovation in the case of cryptocurrency, and how the broader financial aspirations of the cryptocurrency movement might be achieved. There will be significant time allocated to Q&A and participant led discussion to ensure pressing questions are addressed. This will be conducted under Chatham House Rules.

Date and Time TBC