Design of the Site and Project

e.g. information architecture, job stories etc.

Launchable and announceable website.

Wireframes and Mockups

Home page

Mockup of home page (design):,W3jd48r8_B2llA2CZ8A33A

v0.1 Wireframe


Content Plan (and Info Architecture)


Excalidraw version:,OS7tGXbkYEf_W5Lgu8PflA

  • Guide /guide/:
  • Claims /claims/: TODO better name for this
  • Notes /notes/
  • Concepts /concepts/: set of key concepts
  • Library /library:

Currently have ideologies folder too. I wonder if we merge into notes.


For work on this see



Journey as a user ...

  • SD links a journalist to the library or a specific concept
  • I want an intro to web3 & crypto ... => /guide/

and then i'm reading it and it links out to other material

Collections we want to curate

  • Deep Dives
  • Claims
  • Concepts

Types of thing in the space

  • DAO
  • Tokens
  • Crypto Assets
  • ICOs
  • People


  • Web3
  • Crypto

Flow / UI

  • Featured / Blog

Issue Tree

  • How rough and ready are we in process and hence appearance? ✅2022-03-11 publish early, publish often and accept being "rougher" though flagging what is polished and not. - see how-rough-and-ready
  • Do we need to distinguish claims from aspirations from debates from questions people have?
  • Are questions vs hypotheses a better way to frame (or even more attractive on the internet)
    • Questions seem less polarizing: Crypto will transform the world ... vs Can Crypto transform the world?
      • In a proper thesis setup where everyone understands we are dealing in claims and examining them and brings a rigorous open-mindedness then theses are better because can be evaluated ...
      • But we can always turn a claim into a question and vice-versa ...
      • Hypotheses are more accurate than claims but a bit more obscure in terminology
    • H: (70%) use questions rather than claims/hypotheses
  • Do we call ourselves "Making sense of Web3" or "Making sense of Crypto and Web3" or "Making Sense of Crypto" ✅2022-03-11 Making sense of crypto and web3
    • Do we mention Crypto at all? ✅ Yes, crypto is more widespread and even less controversial in definition so definitely want to mention it