High level plan is given by issue tree:



  • MMVP website up so that we can share with people
    • with a signup offer
    • with a participate offer?
  • Announced e.g. on Emerge, Blog etc so that more people find out about this, & we have articulated the purpose of the project clearly
  • About the project (? + thesis of structured sensemaking) so that we can share about the project to others especially in more depth
  • Library (based on Zotero) so that we have a place to collect the upper layer of the sensemaking info graph 🚧 have library but not a good integration yet
  • Taxonomy for library and other material
  • Concept underlay so that ...
  • Wiki system

Milestones (WIP)

  • v0.1: single page site for the project, vision for the project
  • v0.2: Working wiki + 1 substantive essay
  • v0.3: ...
  • v1: website with integrated library and wiki. contribution flow.


Fri 11 March



  • Finalize issue trees
    • Merge Theo/Rufus issue tree 2022-02-25 done by Catherine
    • Tidy up main issue tree βœ…2022-02-28 largely done today - last branch in main issue tree on collective sensemaking still needs some work
    • Transfer to spreadsheet and add details e.g. material needed, prioritization
  • Reports - write up well with good referencing [aside: how easy is it to pdf in "proper" format via Git e.g. like the primers one]
  • βž•2022-02-26 What we are bringing / aiming for (and what’s distinctive about this approach)
    • Write up our approach to sensemaking and why it matters (write up existing notes into a coherent essay)