Test frontmatter in markdown

on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

This description is from the frontmatter <description> field.

Test twitter embeds in markdown

eg. if this twitter link https://twitter.com/rufuspollock/status/1524012242777395201 is on a separate line, then it will be rendered as seen below

Loading tweet...

tweets that have been deleted or are private would show the link instead as seen below

Loading tweet...

  1. Internal link

  2. Internal link with custom divider

  3. Internal link with heading
    [[about#Making Sense of Web3]]
    about#Making Sense of Web3

  4. Internal link with heading and custom divider
    [[webinars#Upcoming|Upcoming webinars]]
    Upcoming webinars

  5. Internal link heading within page
    [[#Our Approach]]
    Our Approach

This youtube link (https://www.youtube.com/embed/K5JtPTyc0y0) surrounded by newlines in markdown would display as follows:

For eg .. Links without being surrounded by newlines will show as below:

Our Approach

We intend to take a distinctive approach.