The problems with crypto assets fall into several categories.


  1. Crypto investments that use proof of work have an absurd environmental footprint.
  2. Crypto investments waste energy that is better spent on more productive enterprises.
  1. Crypto investments violate securities laws
  2. Crypto assets are largely used to circumvent laws around illicit financing and money laundering.
  3. The history of private money indicates these projects lead to vast conflicts of interests and potential enormous frauds.

Financial Risk

  1. Crypto investments expose the public to undue risk.
  2. It is an enormous opportunity cost the directs capital towards unproductive enterprises and scams rather than into growing other businesses.
  3. The structure of it as an investments is negative-sum. Most investors are guaranteed tot lose money.
  4. It is most likely a bubble.

Social Problems

  1. Crypto investments encourage gambling
  2. Coins that use proof of stake are plutocratic, result in centralization and consolidation.
  3. Crypto assets like NFT financialize things, especially abstract things, which should not be financailized.